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Guided by an undeniable passion for personal growth and constant development, we cultivate a physical and digital environment fostering positive progression, conscious creativity, and client ev0lution on a grand scale. We think and exist “outside the box,” enabling us to deliver remarkable results in the most efficient, effective, and exciting manners imaginable. Dynamic individuals who collectively form a unique culture of stunning brilliance and innovation.

Ev0lver, Inc. is a full-service talent and experiential agency. We are not a school. We will never try to sell you classes or photography packages, nor will we ever charge our talent. We are female owned and operated, headquartered in Sunny San Diego, CA and currently serve clients throughout the US, Central America, Europe, the Middle East, and East Asia.

Ev0lver, Inc. specializes in diversity talent, something all brands need now more than ever. We help companies reach more people, warm more hearts, and create a greater impact via talent diversification. Our efforts to create change in this arena earned us the Global Hospitality Award of Most Progressive Agency in 2019.

We pride ourselves on running a mindful entity driven by ethics, morality, and fair business practices on all levels. For this reason, we are as selective about our clients as we are our talent. Clients may submit inquiries here. For new talent, we operate almost exclusively via referral or scouting methods and typically do not accept unsolicited submissions or requests. However, new talent may submit here, but please understand we are unable to reply to all submissions.

We are grateful for your attention and wish you unparalleled success.
Diversity Talent Agency

Full-Service Talent & Experiential Agency for an Ev0lving World

A new conscious standard in the Entertainment Industry.

“Why try to fit in when you were born to stand out?” – Dr. Seuss.

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