Talent Type: Actress, Model, Promotional Model

Hair Color
Eye Color
Chest / Bust

Special Skills

Accomplished Actress, Improv Personality, Comedic Actress, Model, and Promotional Model Accents: British English, Southern, Jamaican Horseback Riding, Yoga, Great with Children / Animals


Julienne was born and raised in West Orange, NJ. She is deeply driven and passionate about being on stage, while delivering her best performance every time. She also greatly appreciates connecting with her audience and finds that process to be the most rewarding aspect of acting. As a child, she never knew that acting was an option until her parents took her to see 'Mama, I Want to Sing' at the Heckscher Theatre in New York City when she was only nine. That play effected Julienne so deeply, that it lit a fire which has since remained burning in Julienne's heart to this day, keeping her motivated and moving forward with her career goals. Julienne’s schooling revolved around her love of the arts, and she went on to attend Tisch where she received her BFA in Drama.


After graduating Julienne worked on various independent New York based films such as Star Trek: Phase II, Transformations, Life's Passing Me By, and It's My Choice. After a few years of experience what the New York City entertainment industry had to offer, Julienne felt the warm weather and laid back vibes of Los Angeles calling her name. She has had a fulfilling career here with series regular roles in 'Agenda X' (Best Pilot winner at UMFF film festival). She has a role in the web-series 'The Value of Ex', one in the web-series 'Adventures in Online Dating,' a strong supporting role in the horror film 'Writers Block', and recently had a guest appearance in “Dark Web” from Felt Films. View her acting reel here: https://youtu.be/2gtB4lNVQ6I