Talent Type: Model, Promotional Model, Event Hostess

Hair Color
Dark Red
Eye Color
Chest / Bust

Special Skills

Accomplished Model, Event Hostess, & Promotional Model ... Languages – English, Spanish ... Large Social Media Following with Incredible Consumer / Fan Engagement ... Ice skating, Fitness, Roller skating, Bicycling, Snowboarding, Gardening, Jet-Skiing, Canoeing, Quad Biking, Adventure Travel


Karyn is a driven, charismatic professional, constantly seeking perfection in all she does. She is passionate about the details of her craft because she loves what she does and appreciates constant evolution. She strives to attain balance between body, soul and mind, which makes her a spectacular match for like-minded clients and brands. Karyn is a charismatic professional who never fails to win the hearts of clients and customers time and time again. Karyn is a dedicated professional who always produces amazing results, whether on-location at a VIP soiree or at a neighborhood sporting event; her versatility and charm enables her to engage with nearly any demographic in any location – she is loved by all! Because of her remarkable skill set in the promotional modeling realm and her bubbly persona, it’s easy to see why Karyn is one of our most-requested female models.


Karyn is a seasoned professional in the promotional modeling arena. She has represented more than 200 brands or concepts over the past 9 years, in all segments of Experiential Modeling and marketing (Guerilla Marketing, Sales, Brand Ambassador, Special Event Bartender, Spokes-Model, Hostess, etc.). She is superb in all areas of event execution, but especially excels at leaving lasting consumer impressions. She is known for going above and beyond in every possible way and is a natural pick for leadership and market management roles as she has a natural knack for taking the lead. When you seek to capture not only leads but also hearts, Karyn is an outstanding choice who always outshines the stars!