How to be a Hero at Events & Gigs: A Go-To Guide for Promotional Models & Experiential Talent Everywhere

Every event has that special someone. That one person who should have been wearing a cape because they saved the day (or at least the event)! They came out of nowhere and did something just short of magic, which helped the event run smoothly (or stopped the event from becoming a catastrophe) and became a hit with the event managers or clients. They’re memorable. They’re modest. And, best of all, they’re definitely getting booked more because in this industry – good news travels fast!

So, how do you become that person, that “event hero”?
We understand, at times, it’s difficult to know where you stand whenever you walk into an event. Figuratively and, sometimes, literally. Sometimes, the booth at which you may be booked to promote, may not even be built yet. This happens occasionally with our convention models, and they arrive at the massive convention center, traversing the labyrinth of other booths, only to find that their assigned client is running behind schedule or short-staffed on labor, so there is no “booth” when they arrive on-site. Or similar circumstances arise at festivals, when occasionally security personnel (or whoever happens to be wearing the headset that day) doesn’t have time to figure out where you’re supposed to go (or worse – they really just don’t know).
Any Average Joe can stand there awkwardly and wait for his or her booth to be set up, but our super-stars know it’s best to get involved and help out as best as they can to make everyone’s day better. That doesn’t always mean getting down and building an exhibit, it could be something as simple as diving in to the client’s training materials on-site so they are extra-prepared with brand knowledge before the convention attendees arrive. Or, it could mean offering to make a Starbucks run before your shift for the event coordinator who has been setting up since 5am and hasn’t had a break. Sometimes, just being your genuinely cheery self can be enough to shine in certain situations. It doesn’t really matter how you help. It’s important to do your job, of course, but it’s also important to stand out in some positive way. Helping with things beyond your job description is a fantastic way to initiate contact with clients and event managers (who probably organize other events) and become the hero they never expected. It shows great initiative to reach out and ask what you can do to help the event. It also displays a strong sense of self-confidence, trying your best to make a lasting impression in an area with which you may not already be familiar.
Here at Ev0lver, Inc., we’ve had great success with our wonderful talent helping to make an event better. For example, at one of our very special events in Colorado, Dean created a super festive fall display to help draw attention to his client’s brand. The extra effort made a tremendous difference in helping his brand stand out and created a beautiful setting for event photos.

Reaching out to help the event shows you’re dedicated to the big picture. Event managers live and breathe that sort of loyalty from their models and brand ambassadors.

Another way to display that dedication is to collaborate with your competitors. Sometimes fighting for the same audience only makes it harder for everyone involved, even the attendees / guests. The same people are going to meander from booth to booth, or from tasting table to table. So why not build one another up in a positive way? Something as small as keeping a couple of their brochures at your table (and vice versa) can really boost your reach to more event attendees. Going up to your competitor and seeing what you can do to help each other out shows the event coordinators that you play well with others. Collaboration shows you have strong negotiation skills, not to mention class. These skills are always desired among employers and clients, so long as you remain within your role and don’t overstep boundaries or go against client wishes.

Here's another special event superhero, Elena, one of our stunners in San Antonio, TX. When a store failed to have a table, space or even signage for one of her in-store demos, she took it upon herself to create a sign from scratch and use other store materials and furniture to assemble a creative, yet appealing exhibit out of an old whiskey barrel (so clever!) for Asombroso Tequila the brand she was representing that day.

Although it can be easy to lose yourself in the sometimes-hectic whirlwind of an event, it’s also important to keep goals for yourself. Staying focused on how you can further your career can put your actions in perspective. It may cause you to even do some things you might not have otherwise thought about. For example, if you focus on how something as simple as “improve interactions with clients” you could find yourself talking to event coordinators or managers instead of just interacting with your audience. Setting professional goals for each event can boost your exposure to major players within the industry. And if those players happen to need someone at the right time with your skillset… Suddenly, you find yourself donning that proverbial cape because you just became their hero!